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Privacy Policy

This website is fully committed to protecting the privacy of our visitors. Both the site's owner, Advice Company, and its sponsor is well aware of the trust consumers place in us and our responsibility to protect consumers' privacy. As part of that responsibility, we let you know what information we collect when you access this website, or use any of the products or services we provide through this website, why we collect that information, and how we use it to improve all visitors' experience.

In summary, we: 1. Use information to provide our visitors with a meaningful experience on our website. 2. Develop products and services that also embody strong privacy standards and principles. 3. Disclose what we do, to make the collection of visitor information transparent. 4. Give visitors the opportunity to make choices to enhance their privacy. 5. Treat information you may choose to share with us with the same respect we'd want our own information held. 6.

We do not collect personal information about visitors other than what a visitor may choose to provide when completing a form or sending one of us an e-mail or otherwise contacting us by phone, fax or mail. We will not know the name, street address, phone number or e-mail address of any visitor unless that visitor elects to complete a form on this website or initiate a contact with one of the sponsors or advertisers on this site. We will use our best commercial efforts to keep all information consumers provide to us, or through this website, private and confidential. Of course, if you submit a form through this website the information you provide will be transmitted over the Internet, and despite our security measures, become subject to access by others, including hackers.

Once the information is received by the law firm or person you direct it to, we have no control over what the law firm or other persons may do with the information. However, law firms have a very high duty to protect client confidences, and although you are not a client when submitting information, to the extent that your request is related to establishing an attorney client relationship, attorneys generally have a duty to protect the confidentiality of the information you provide.

While this website has been designed to comply with applicable requirements for medical/health information privacy in the United States, it does not purport to comply or warrant compliance with the laws or standards of the European Union, any other treaty organization, or any other nation.

Visitors who submit contact information or who contact us by e-mail, telephone, fax or other means, and who offer any personal information, including an e-mail address, can trust their information will be held in confidence and not sold to shared with others, other than for the purpose they intended the transmittal. There may be several telephone numbers displayed on this website. Each number connects visitors directly with the law firm or other person whose name is associated with that phone number.

Advice Company and the site sponsor(s) employ various security measures to protect against theft, loss or misuse of information sent through the website, and while we try to maintain the integrity of these security measures, no security measures are perfect.

As is commonplace on the Internet, this website uses "cookies" and our servers record the Internet Protocol address of visitors. The use of cookies can enables us to provide the most relevant information to new and returning visitors and to track the effectiveness of any search engines or advertising partners, banners or links that may have referred traffic to the website. We also collect information about which pages on the website are accessed and for how long our visitors remain on each webpage. We use this information to improve the effectiveness of the website, to enhance its quality, and measure the effectiveness of our advertising and other business relationships.

Unless expressly authorized by a visitor, or required by lawful court order or governmental authority, or in our counsel's opinion as may be necessary to protect against perceived illegal or improper conduct aimed at our website, our staff, our affiliates and/or our sponsors, Advice Company will not share any information on any individual visitor to this website.

Terms of Use

By using this website you are agreeing that under no circumstances will Advice Company, its affiliates, or any Sponsor listed on this site be responsible for any information contained on or omitted from the site, any person's reliance on any such information, whether or not the information is correct, current or complete, or any consequences of any action you or any other person may takes, or fail to take, whether or not based on information provided by or as a result of the use of the site. The information provided on this website is AS IS, and should not be construed as medical, business, financial, legal or other advice, an offer to perform medical, business, financial, legal or other professional services, or an offer to create a doctor-patient, attorney-client or other similar or privileged relationship. You are welcome to view this site for your own personal, non-commercial purposes, for free. Copying or other use of any of the information contained on this site is strictly prohibited. The display of an attorney's or law firm's firm name may be deemed Attorney Advertising in some states.


The information and articles contained in this website are provided for general informational purposes only, and are not intended to constitute, and should not be construed as, legal advice on any subject matter, nor do they create an attorney-client relationship. You should not consider this information to be an invitation to an attorney-client relationship with any sponsor of this website, nor should you rely on the information and articles provided on this site as legal advice on any subject matter for any purpose.

You should always seek the legal advice of competent counsel in your jurisdiction. Each sponsor, expressly disclaims any and all responsibility and liability with respect to actions or omissions based on any information or articles contained in this Website and on any use of forms contained on or linked from this or any other website as does the website owner. Further, neither the sponsors nor site owner endorse, third party content (if any) that may be accessed through this website, nor are they responsible for such content.

Use of this website, and transmission of information to or from this website to any sponsor is not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Your transmission of a form or e-mail message to a sponsor (whether or not through this website) does not necessarily create an attorney-client relationship.

This website may be regarded as an advertisement and/or attorney advertising. The hiring of an attorney, lawyer or law firm is an important decision that should not be based solely upon or heavily influenced by advertisements. Before selection of counsel, you should ask a prospective attorney or law firm to send free written information about the attorney's or law firm's qualifications and experience.

While some sponsors may assist clients who reside in jurisdictions where its lawyers are not authorized to practice, they do so only in association with qualified counsel in such jurisdictions. No sponsor will undertake the representation of clients from states where its marketing material does not comply with applicable requirements established by the State Bar or other lawful authority.

No representation is made that the scope or quality of the legal services that will be performed by any sponsor is greater than the quality and scope of legal services performed by other lawyers. Prior results obtained by any attorney, including any sponsor, do not predict or guarantee a similar or even a favorable outcome.

In situations in which a sponsor's fees are contingent or partially contingent on the outcome of the case or transaction, the client may be obligated for payment of court costs and expenses regardless of outcome. The specific terms of any representation should be spelled out in a formal "retainer agreement" which should set out the full details, including the amount and timing of any and all fees and expenses you may be responsible for, and the circumstances under which fees and expenses may be charged.

Unless otherwise specified, the sponsoring attorneys listed in this web site are not certified as 'specialists' (or any similar designation) by any organization's or jurisdiction's certifying authority.

The photos used on this website may be stock photos and do not necessarily depict any attorney or client or staff of any sponsor.

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